High quality, professional faculty

Quality dance educators make all the difference in your dance experience. Our exceptional dance educators also are strong role models for our young people. For more information about our faculty, click here.

Family owned and family oriented studio with competitive prices and convenient locations

Julian has been active in the arts in Omaha for over 30 years and strives to create a quality dance education for families throughout the community.

No fundraisers

ADA wants its students to focus on developing their skills and their love for the art of dance without the pressure of fundraising. Students attend regular classes and enjoy numerous performance opportunities throughout the year that emphasize their dance training and artistic growth.

We promote healthy living and a sense of community

ADA works hard to promote healthy living, foster self confidence, and encourage respect for one’s body. Many of our students go on to collegiate ballet, modern, and musical theater dance programs as well as companies.
In addition, ADA believes in the importance of teamwork and a sense of community; we offer students various opportunities to give back throughout the year.

Inexpensive, elegant, low-stress recitals

Dancers are costumed age-appropriately and perform to enriching music. There are no surprise costume or recital fees.

Professional safety dance flooring

Our main studios have marley flooring, which lowers the risk of injury while reducing impact and fatigue.