Recital Details

Adair Dance Academy 2018 “25th Silver Anniversary”



Saturday, May 19th at 3 p.m. & 6 p.m. and Sunday, May 20th, 3 p.m. & 6 p.m.

  • Please see cast assignments below to determine which show(s) your dancer(s) will be performing or click here.
  • Photography and video is only allowed during dress rehearsal and will be strictly prohibited during performances.


Monday, May 14th through Friday, May 18th, 5:00 – 9:00 p.m.   

  • See dress rehearsal schedule is printed below and posted at the Camelot studio.
  • Dress rehearsal requires full costumes, shoes, accessories, make-up with hair pulled back appropriately, as assigned by your teacher.
  • No regular classes will meet this week, dress rehearsals only. Bathrooms are available for changing, please be prepared and prompt!

Please note that end times are approximate and everyone is expected to stay until your class is finished.


CREIGHTON LIED CENTER FOR THE ARTS, 24th & Cass (Just a few blocks north of Joslyn Art Museum on the Creighton Campus). 

  • All dress rehearsals and performances are held at the theater.
  • Use Google map and/or make a dry run before your appointed rehearsal day if you are new to the theater.


Grade III, IV, V and VI dancers must Arrive at 1:15 and warm up is at 1:30 p.m. each day to attend a mandatory warm up class before each day’s first performance. All dancers need to be warmed up properly to prevent injury and prepare. Please bring dance class attire.  Costumes are not allowed for warm-up class.

Pre-ballet, Primary, Grade I, and II, are required to arrive 40 minutes ahead of their performance to check in and prepare. No one is allowed to watch from the wings, as it causes too much congestion backstage. All students and room helpers should plan to stay backstage until the performance is over. No students are allowed to sit in the audience before or after they have performed. Seating is limited and it is disruptive to the patrons to have performers moving about.



  • An email with ticket info will be sent out mid April.
  • Each student performing receives 2 tickets with a paid up account; via emailed code
  • Tickets go on sale April 20th
  • Codes will be emailed out mid April
  • Additional tickets are $10 plus online fees;
  • No refunds;
  • Each person, including children, must have a ticket to gain admission.
  • Seating begins approximately 30 minutes before each performance.  
  • Volunteers who help backstage do not need tickets, and will stay backstage for the show
  • Promo codes are good online only, not at the box office and expire one day prior to performances
  • Cash or check is preferred for tickets at the door, $15 the day of the show.


  • Costumes will be distributed early May
  • Should you wear any costumes base (Example: class leotards) to the theater or to photo day, please cover them up with other clothing, as it is unprofessional to show costumes outside of performance and you risk damaging the costume.
  • Pre-ballet, Primary, grades I, II level students can wear comfortable clothes to the theater, over their costume and bring a change of nice clothes for after the performance.
  • Grade III, IV, V, & VI should bring warm up attire; NO costumes allowed for warm up class.
  • In the event that costumes are backordered, we reserve the right to re-schedule your child’s class photos and appreciate your understanding.
  • Bring hair supplies, make-up, safety pins, a nice change of clothes for afterwards, no jeans, t-shirts etc. please, and anything else you may need.
  • No costumes may be worn home after performances.
  • No eating or drinking in costume!
  • Pink tights available at studio & theater: $13/pair or 2/$25 and available at the studio. Stock up early!
  • Pre-ballet is bare legs/bare feet; no tights or underwear
  • No underwear under any costumes
  • Dancers with multiple dances and costume changes (Grades 2 and up) are encouraged to invest in a nude leotard for easy costume changes. Available at Bobby’s or online through


  • Hair and make up should be done at home.
  • Younger students need only to wear some lipstick and a small amount of blush.
  • Hair must be pulled neatly back in a bun or styled as requested by your teacher.
  • Test your hairstyles the last few weeks of classes to make sure they will stay secure.


All accounts must be paid in full before tickets or costumes are distributed.

Account questions:


Administrative Address for mailing payments:

Adair Dance Academy Inc

1006 N 127 Cir,

Omaha, NE 68154

Tuition may also be turned in to your teacher at classes.


New this year handling our photo needs is Move Up Photography. Please see info below


  • To obtain your dancer’s complimentary DVD you MUST sign up for one on the sign up sheet at dress rehearsal or at the box office performance weekend.
  • If you do not sign up for a DVD it will be assumed you are not interested in one.
  • Additional DVDs are also available for purchase for $30 and need to be paid for by May 20th
  • Photography and videography during performances are strictly prohibited. 
  • Parents may video or photograph their child’s dances at dress rehearsal only. 



  • Room helpers, flower sellers, ushers, box office personnel, and runners are needed.
  • Younger classes will need a parent from that class who is familiar to the students to assist backstage. These volunteers will be able to see their child’s individual dance(s) from the wings.
  • Please remember your help is appreciated and this is one of the rare times we ask for parent volunteers. Thank you!

Adair Dance Academy 25th Silver Anniversary


Purple Cast: Saturday, May 19th at 3 p.m.

Pre-Ballet Mon/Wed/Fri Classes combined

Primary Sat Adair/Becky

Grade I Mon Remmi

Grade II Thursday Ballet and Modern Crowell

Grade III Ballet all grade III dancers and Tuesday Tap Becky

Blue Cast: Saturday, May 19th at 6 p.m.

Grade II Tuesday Tap Becky; Ballet Teresa

Grade III Ballet All grade III; Thursday Modern Crowell; Musical Theater Becky 


Green Cast: Sunday, May 20th at 3 p.m.

Pre-Ballet Sat 10:15 am Miss Becky

Primary Mon/Wed Kathleen

Primary Thur Marian

Grade I Sat Becky/Remmi

Grade I Thu Marian

Grade II Monday Ballet/Modern Adair

Red Cast: Sunday, May 20th at 6 p.m.

Grade II Saturday Ballet/Modern Teresa/Adair; Wed II/III Modern Teresa

Grade III Ballet All Grade III Dancers; Jazz Ellie; Wed II/III Modern Teresa 

  • Grade IV, V and VI dancers are represented in every show, not all dances will be in every show. 
  • Assignments for Grade IV, V, VI dances will be posted in April. 

Dress Rehearsal Schedule May 14-18 

At the Creighton Lied Center, 24th & Cass St.

IMPORTANT: Please note that end times are approximate and everyone is expected to finish rehearsal. Bring a snack/water bottle and be prepared to stay if there are any issues to work out. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and patience.

MONDAY, MAY 15th Purple Cast Rehearsal (Performs Saturday, May 19th at 3 p.m.) 

Arrive by 4:45 pm, Rehearse 5:00-5:15 Pre-Ballet Mon/Wed/Fri Classes combined

Arrive by 5pm, Rehearse 5:15-5:45 Primary Sat Adair/Becky

Arrive by 5:15pm, Rehearse 5:45-6:15Grade I Mon Remmi

Arrive by 6pm, Rehearse 6:15-6:45 Grade II Thursday Ballet and Modern Crowell

Arrive 6:30; 7:00 RUN SHOW in ORDER for all GRADE III, IV, V, VI dancers in Purple cast; all Pre-ballet, Primary, Grade I and II dancers are dismissed and may watch if so desired

TUESDAY, MAY 16th Blue Cast Rehearsal (Performs Saturday, May 19th at 6pm) 

Arrive by 5pm;

5:15-5:45 Dear Daughter,

5:45-6:15 Senior Pieces,

6:15-6:45 CW Pieces,

7pm Run Show

WEDNESDAY, MAY 17th Green Cast Rehearsal (Performs Sunday, May 20th at 3 p.m.)

Arrive by 4:45 pm, Rehearse 5:00-5:10 Pre-Ballet Sat 10:15 am Miss Becky

Arrive by 5pm, Rehearse 5:10-5:30— Primary Mon/Wed Kathleen

Arrive by 5:15pm, Rehearse 5:30-5:50 Primary Thur Marian

Arrive by 5:30 pm, Rehearse 5:50-6:20 Grade I Sat Becky/Remmi

Arrive by 6pm 6:20-6:40 Grade I Thur  Marian

6:40-7 Grade II Monday Ballet/Modern Adair

Arrive by 6:30; 7:00 RUN SHOW in ORDER for all GRADE III, IV, V, VI dancers in Green cast; all Pre-ballet, Primary, Grade I, and II dancers are dismissed and may watch if so desired

THURSDAY, MAY 18th Red Cast Rehearsal (Performs Sunday, May 20th at 6 p.m.)

Arrive by 5pm;

5:15-5:45 Senior Pieces,

5:45-6 Dear Daughter

6-6:25 CW Pieces,

6:30 pm Run Show

Please know we go to great lengths to minimize changes and keep to the schedule, however the schedule is subject to change as needed for the production. Thank you for your understanding! Friday is reserved for any additional needs. Please keep this evening open. 

Photos Day Schedule 

Saturday, May 12th 

Camelot Community Center

  • Please be prepared before your appointed photo time.
  • Photo ordering info below; please take care of online ordering prior to photo day
  • There will be 2 cameras set up in the gym;
  • Changing area will be in a studio
  • Costumes will be distributed in class.
  • Unclaimed costumes will be available at photo day
  • Please inform us if you are unable to attend photo day.

• Your patience and flexibility is appreciated.

• Please have hair and make up done ahead of time and confirm with your teacher for hair styles and any make up notes.


Camera A:

Arrival Time: Group/Photo Time Time

2:30 Grade VI Ballet Air Force Photo Time: 2:45 

2:35 Grade VI Tap Casino Photo Time: 2:55 (Bring costume in camera room)

2:40 Primary Teddy Bear Picnic Miss Marian Thur 5:05 AVS Photo Time: 3pm 

2:50 Grade V/VI Borsheim’s Rubies Modern Photo Time: 3:15 

3:05 Grade I Thursday 6:15 Miss Marian AVS Tap Photo Time: 3:30 

3:15 Grade V/VI Repertory Photo Time: 3:45 

3:30 Grade I Thursday Miss Marian AVS Ballet Photo Time: 4pm 

3:45 Grade IV Modern Photo Time: 4:15

4:00 Grade V/VI Musical Theater Alice Tea Party Photo Time 4:30 pm

4:15 Grade IV Repertory Fan Dance Photo Time: 4:45 

4:30 Grade V Tap Ascot Gavotte Photo Time: 5pm 

4:45 Grade IV Jazz Danger Zone Photo Time; 5:15

5:00 Grade VI Senior Solos (3 Seniors) Photo Time: 5:30 

5:15 Grade IV Tap Baseball Piece Photo Time: 5:45 

5:30 Grade V Ballet El Museo Latino Photo Time: 6pm 

5:45 Grade IV Hot Chocolate Photo Time: 6:15 

6:00 Grade IV Ballet Ice Rink Photo Time: 6:40

6:15 Grade V/VI Jazz Vogue Photo Time: 7pm  

Camera B:

Arrival Time: Group/Photo Time Time

3:10 Pre-Ballet All classes Butterflies Photo Time: 3:30 

3:45 Grade I Ballet Lavender Tutus Remmi Photo Time: 4pm 

4:00 Primary Grand Old Flag Mon/Wed/Sat Photo Time: 4:15

4:15 Wednesday Grade II/III Modern Teresa Photo Time: 4:45 

4:30 Grade I Tap (Change lavender to Wipe out Costumes) Photo Time: 5pm

4:50 Grade III Jazz Street Festival Photo Time: 5:15 

5:10 Grade II Ballet Degas white Tutus Photo Time: 5:30 

5:30 Grade III Tap Trolly Song Green tutus Photo Time: 5:45 

5:40 Grade II Modern Museum Piece Photo Time: 6pm 

6:00 Grade III Ballet Fred Astaire Piece Photo Time: 6:15 

6:15 Grade II Tap La Bamba Photo Time: 6:30 

6:30 Grade III Musical Theater Better When I’m Dancing Photo Time: 6:45