Pre-Ballet and Creative Movement Enrichment Classes

Pre-ballet offers a wonderful introduction to ballet with creative movement for 3-5 year olds, ready to dance without a caregiver or parent. This class nurtures coordination, balance, strength, flexibility, musicality, motor skills, confidence, and creativity; it introduces basic ballet movements and vocabulary. Young dancers will skip, hop, jump, gallop, walk on demi-pointe, and be introduced to the basics of the world of ballet. Creative problem solving and working with props such as scarves, balls, and parachutes will also be part of this developmental experience.

Suggested attire: children should wear comfortable, non-constricting clothing. Leotards are encouraged but not required. Boys may wear shorts or sweats and a t-shirt. No shoes are needed.

ADA Offers Multiple Pre-Ballet Options For Your Child

  • Pre-ballet class at the Camelot or A.V. Sorensen studio location progresses through the entire year (September – May), culminating in the spring recital that takes place in May. Click here for details about the full-year program.
  • Pre-ballet, Primary, and Grade I enrichment classes at various off-site studio locations span multi-week periods. When participating in a pre-ballet enrichment course, you can join at any time, and fees are prorated for late enrollment. Students participate in an informal onsite recital with costumes and demonstration of some of the skills and dances they have learned during the term. (See below for details.)

Locations and Schedules

Camelot Community Center (9270 Cady Ave.)

Full-year classes at our Main studio:

Click here for full class schedule and tuition info.

A.V. Sorensen Studio (4808 Cass St.)

Full-year classes at our Main studio:

Click here for full class schedule and tuition info.

St. Michael’s Studio (13232 Blondo St.)

Enrichment classes:
Pro-rated fees available for late enrollees.

Click here for full class schedule and tuition info.

Kroc Center (2825 Y St.)

Off-site classes:
Call (402) 905-3520 Kevin Boesiger for pricing and enrollment.

Montessori Children’s Room (7302 Burt St.)

Enrichment classes:
Call (402) 551-1440 for Montessori Dance Program info; tuition.

Click here for directions to studio locations.